And I took you by the hand, and we stood tall

I see Sibella
My Sibella
And I like her that way


sad because you can’t watch fanfics


reasons to consider courfeyrac/enjolras

  • they are a force to be reckoned with when they are in the same room bouncing ideas off of each other and fueling each other’s warmth and passion as they go. they argue for the sake of learning and exploring different points of view and…


a little fall of rain on my face → for when you’re holding back tears in a crowded theatre. showtunes that make your eyes burn and your heart hurt.

01.  you must love me - evita | 02. slipping through my fingers - mamma mia | 03.happy/sad - the addams family | 04.  everything else - next to normal | 05. alone in the universe - seussical | 06. i’ll cover you {reprise} - rent | 07. i know the truth {cover} - eden espinosa | 08. a little fall of rain - les miserables | 09. send in the clowns - a little night music | 10. i’m not that girl - wicked | 11. still hurting - the last five years | 12. pathetic - matilda | 13. not my father’s son - kinky boots | 14. the winner takes it all - mamma mia | 15. empty chairs at empty tables - les miserables | 16. meadowlark - the baker’s wife | 17. as long as he needs me - oliver | 18. some things are meant to be - little women | 19. another suitcase in another hall - evita | 20. i am the one {reprise} - next to normal | 21. you’ll never walk alone - carousel | 22. no one has ever loved me - passion | 23. who will love me as i am - side show | 24. somewhere - west side story | 25. will i - rent



Theatre Challenge | [2/8 Characters]

Jack Kelly

Guys are fightin’, bleedin’ fallin’

thanks to good ole’ Captain Jack.

Captain Jack just wants to close his eyes and go.

- Santa Fe, Newsies

I Am The OneI Am The One (Reprise).


friendship with me????

  • sad headcanons
  • trying to make u ship threesomes with me
  • whining
  • puns
  • telling you to get the fuck out
  • i’ll probably write you fic but never finish it


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I reblog this every time it comes up on my dashboard, not because it is a “rule” but because every time I see it the love and sincerity on her face hit me all over again and I think everyone deserves to see that.

And THIS is why I adore Catherine Tate. She’s loud and brash but in quieter moments… her soul comes shining through and it makes everything about her so much more beautiful.