And I took you by the hand, and we stood tall


Wear It Like a Crown - fic mix

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Read all about it - Emeli Sande // Human - Christina Perri // Demons - Imagine Dragons // Broken Crown - Mumford and Sons // All I want - Kodaline // Underneath - Adam Lambert // Chasing Pavements - Adele // Fix You - Coldplay // All the same - Sick Puppies // Secrets - One Republic // You Found Me - The Fray // I Do Not Love You - Ron Pope

Myers Briggs by Hogwarts Houses


INFJ: Ravenclaw
ESTP: Gryffindor
INTJ: Slytherin or Ravenclaw
ESFP: Gryffindor
INFP: Gryffinor, maybe Hufflepuff
ESTJ: Slytherin
INTP: Ravenclaw
ESFJ: Hufflepuff
ISFJ: Hufflepuff, maybe Ravenclaw
ENTP: Ravenclaw, maybe Gryffindor
ISTJ: Ravenclaw, maybe Hufflepuff
ENFP: Gryffindor, maybe Ravenclaw
ISFP: Gryffindor, maybe Hufflepuff
ENTJ: Slytherin or Ravenclaw
ISTP: Ravenclaw
ENFJ: Hufflepuff or Gryffindor

@chrismzcarrell: I snuck out onto the fire escape. #enjolroche [x]


I see Sibella, my Sibella

get to know me meme: [2/5] musicals » once

shut the door to the moon
and let the birds gather



Brave Sir Knight, slow down a bit
Shut-in girls are delicate

I’ve longed for this my whole life long
Now you’re doing it all wrong

So I just got cast as Mama Ogre and Ogre Fiona in Shrek the Musical

and it’s actually in a pretty big theatre where really important people go

and I might actually be crying because I never thought I was good enough for something like this and look at where I am now

Like I sing 4 songs

I sing in the opening song

I sing in the end of the Act 1 closing song

I sing in the two closing songs

I have a scene with more than 6 lines and it’s actually important

people will remember the name of my character

I’m so excited and the best part is that this is not for my school, this is completely unrelated to my school, and really talented people are taking part in this and these roles went to me

I’m like the second female lead (the first being normal Fiona, of course)

I’m so excited like I’m so so excited I can’t stop talking about it. I never dreamed I would get an opportunity like this and I’m so happy I did.

NEWSIES on Broadway
Opening Night (March 29, 2012) & Closing Night (August 14, 2014) Curtain Calls